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Club Team Training

Club Team Training

Team training services are offered to coaches looking to enhance their teams technical ability, game form and wanting to mentor with an experienced Elite staff coach. We admire coaches taking this program as it shows that they want the best opportunities for their team and shows they are always willing to learn.

To be a top coach one has to keep learning and be open minded. A team success depends on the coaches ability to put on quality coaching sessions week to week that will help their team achieve success. Success will only help a team sustain long term.

We recommend a min one 90min session per week for 10 weeks. However we are flexible to a teams needs.Sessions can be run at an Elite field or at the teams training ground at a time and day agreed upon by both parties.

Sessions will cover areas on how to run a proper training session. However, most sessions will be more of a technical nature. At Elite we believe technique is important before tactics. If a player has a poor first touch then any strategy discussed will not materialize in a game.

Sessions will cover:

• Warm up with the ball. Ball Manipulation, Dribbling and Juggling Techniques

• Possession Games

• Combination Passing Drills

• Combination Passes into a Shot

• Creative Attacking Play.

• Team Shape in Attack

• Defensive Tactics

• Build-up Play

• Switching Point of Attack

• 3rd Man Runs and Diagonal Runs

• Crossing and Finishing

• Various systems of play depending on the team make up e.g. 442, 433, 4,2,3,1

We are also open to run training sessions based on the coaches needs.