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Core Values

Inclusion & Opportunity

At Elite Soccer Development, we strive to offer children and youth; from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds; access to the ESD high performance soccer training programs. Through our sponsorship program, we work towards player subsidy to accommodate all aspiring soccer enthusiasts the opportunity to train like a pro.

Respect & Belonging

We provide a safe, supportive and inspiring training environment where every young athlete is treated with respect and valued in an environment of inclusion and acceptance. The EDS coaches model honesty, fair play, positive attitude, cooperation and respect for self and others.


At Elite Soccer Development we believe all young athletes can grow into responsible, contributing and self-reliant members of society and the professional sport of soccer. Young Soccer Athletes are at the centre of everything that we do. Through our professional development programs and academy, we encourage and empower our soccer enthusiasts to develop a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, a life-long passion for the game of soccer, leadership and life skills, and a sense of social responsibility.