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Private and Small Group Sessions

Private and Small Group Sessions

We offer private one on one sessions or small group 2-4 players with a technical expert. 

The objective of the sessions is to work on players strengths or weaknesses. It takes 10,000 ours of practice to become a top athlete in any sport so it takes dedication and sacrifice.

At a private session we will customize the sessions so players will master personal technique that will  give them an edge on their competition.

Private sessions are also a good way for a player to prepare for a USA scholarship, provincial or national team try out or for a Pro trial.

Also, sessions can be video taped so players can use footage and send to a prospective University or club with game clips. Our staff will also give private students homework and monitor their progress.

Private sessions are also open to different levels of players who may just want to get better or prepare for a club team or school team try out. Session run for one hour at a time max. Generally after school between 3pm to 6pm or time that is convenient for the coach and player.

Additional benefits of a private session is that a coach can spend more time with a student going over specifics of their training needs. Where in a full training class time is limited to go over every technical aspect in detail.