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Elite soccer school is a leader in personal technique development.Our coaching staff has spent many years analyzing and practicing top training methods used around the world at top professional clubs Our staff are excellent at demonstrating different skill sets which is important for our students to see and foster learning.

Our goal in every class is to provide the best training environment and effective drills that maximizes a players potential.

Coaches are always positive and encouraging players so they don’t feel bad about making mistakes. We have different classes for different ages and skill levels so players can develop at the right stage. Also, players will be put with a coach we feel they will excel with.

At the first class a student attends they will be assessed and we will give proper recommendation for a class if necessary.We believe in pushing players to the next level if they are capable.

At Elite we believe in not only being a top soccer player but also being a good student and human being. We promote,respect,cooperation,team work and leadership.

We look forward to working with your child and assisting them in achieving their personal goals.