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Shooter + Striker Class Intermediate – Advanced 12+

Shooting + Striker Class Intermediate to Advanced Players

Boys + Girls Age 12+
This class is recommended for a competitive player looking to improve their shooting technique or improving different skills sets to become a proficient striker. 

Each week various topics will be covered as follows :

Shooting – Players will be shown different ways to strike the ball with both feet depending on the situation in a game. e.g. Inside or outside curve to bend the ball around a keeper.Back spin to chip the ball over a keeper off their line.Low driven ball to get maximum power from long range. Knuckle shot or instep drive for long range free kick scenarios.

– Instep Finish, Volley,Half Volley,Side Volley, Bicycle kick, scissor kick

Technique to improve the power of shot or changing the flight of the ball.

e.g. Accuracy before power,body over the ball to keep the ball low or lean back to increase the height of the ball. proper arm swing,breathing,trigger action from the hips, and follow through after the shot.

Strikers – 1 v 1 moves to beat an opponent. Reaction shooting. Turning and shooting. 2 and 3 player combinations into a shot,. back to net receiving the ball on the chest or thigh and turning into a volley.

1st touch under pressure and then a shot. Pressure from different angles before a shot. Colour reaction before a shot. Dribbling at pace into a shot.Receiving the ball on the run/1st touch set up and then shot.

Head up and scanning the keepers position before shooting and using the right method to beat the keeper.

Periodically we will bring in a speed radar device to measure a players speed of their shot and track their progress. Also, we will video tape a session with our camera system and review a players technique so they can see areas they need to improve or visually see their strengths and improvement.