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Skills Training For Intermediate + Competitive

Elite Skills Training

If your dream is to play professional soccer and/or achieve a full scholarship, we can help you get there. Maybe you just want to improve your skills or stay in shape. Playing sports gives you that competitive edge in life. 

You will notice a dramatic improvement in your soccer skills, creativity and confidence while participating in Elite Soccer Skills Training program. All of the ESD Coaching Team are technical specialists, qualified and or have International playing experience.

At Elite Soccer Development players will benefit from the training program of Master Technical Coach Clayton Rosario. Clayton has over 22 years coaching experience with players age 4 to 22 and at all skill levels. He has traveled to France, Italy, Cuba, England and America to visit some of the top training centre’s for soccer development. Coach Clayton specializes in the Dutch and French Methods. Clayton brings his years of experience and knowledge to his students.

Program Focus:

  • Learn over 50 creative moves to beat an opponent
  • Left/Right Foot High Volume Shooting
  • Work on 1st touch
  • Decision Making
  • Speed Passing
  • Juggling
  • Creative Footwork
  • Ball Control
  • Finishing/Heading/Volleys
  • Attacking
  • Individual Defending techniques

The Skills Training Program at a glance:

  • Individual Skills Training for Children OUTSIDE the ESD Academy
  • Available for EITHER once or twice a week
  • Co-Ed Training U8-U17
  • maximum groups of 30, divided by skill level
  • Academy Shirt Included
  • Quality Coaching Team
  • Fall, Winter & Summer programs available
  • Children will receive a personal assessment for the ESD Academy Program Teams
This program session is usually offered on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s for U9-12 boys and girls.
Also, coach Tuukka Salonen former German Pro will take your game to the next level
Advance players will be recommend for the Pre Academy Program U9 or
Academy program for players U10 and up.