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The best time to go to the USA with a sport scholarship is right after graduation from high-school or up to two years after. As a rule, only athletes ages 18 – 24 can compete within the college leagues. Consequently, the Elite Soccer Development Coaches are increasingly committing to younger athletes as this gives them the opportunity to work with the athletes for a longer period of time.

Soccer is a very popular sport for both men and women at American Colleges and Universities. Approximately 1,000 universities and colleges award one or more scholarships to talented young soccer players. The scholarship enables them to participate in collegiate and intercollegiate matches as well as the national championships of the respective division.

Athletic scholarships for soccer can be arranged with relative ease. The chance to receive a full scholarship are relatively good for strong soccer players on the level of the First Division.

In order to further raise the attractiveness of the soccer athlete’s profile and thus receive higher scholarship offers, it is important that soccer athletes receive proper training & development with opportunities to participate more in ranking tournaments. This will enable them to further improve their ranking.
An athlete’s position in the national or regional ranking is not, of course, an aspect that can be relied on 100%, as other factors may influence the level at which the individual athlete will compete. These factors include recent injuries and the length of time that the sport has been practiced. Often the athlete’s potential is a vital aspect, as coaches know from experience that even moderate athletic performance can be boosted immensely with their intensive training methods. In these cases, detailed explanations, compelling photographs of the athlete in action and, most importantly, an excellent video produced with the ESD guidance are even more important.

It is important to state that Elite Soccer Development can ONLY open the doors for their athletes to acquire a sport scholarship.  It takes a passionate commitment equally from both sides: Elite Soccer Development and the PLAYER.

The ESD Team is committed to fulfil their promise to deliver proper training, conditioning, education, self-confidence and the opportunities for their athletes. However, to acquire a sport scholarship, the ESD athlete needs to equally bring to the table their commitment, passion, dedication and hard work to acquire their ultimate destination.

Scheduled TWICE throughout the Soccer Season, the Elite Soccer Development Coaching Team will be arranging Player Showcase Tours; whereby selected University & College Scouts & Recruiters will be present to review and critique the ESD U17 Academy Athletes for sport scholarships.

Included in the ESD Seminar Series is our SAT Preparation Night; whereby, a University Qualified Professional will mentor the 15 years old and over athletes with proper guidance for this important USA University & College entrance requirement.

The Elite Soccer Development Team, in collaboration with University Educational Professionals will assist and mentor the creation of the Recruitment Player Profile Document required for University & College Scholarships.